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  • Learn from award-winning industry professionals who are on-set and on-point.
  • Earn specialized certificates in the exact area of study you need to realize your next project or book your next job.
  • Step into a virtual online classroom that’s actually a start-to-finish enactment of the material you’re learning.
  • Save time and money with affordable, targeted classes that are designed to produce real results for the real world.
  • Study in the heart of where the industry lives and works no matter where in the world you are.
  • And on top of it all, earn college credits from the prestigious top-ten University of California, Irvine without ever leaving your home.
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Earn Credits from University of California, Irvine

When our precise and practical online curriculum meets UC Irvine’s prestigious credits, you’ll quickly build your body of work while you build your best resume. For each original MediaU class taken through the University of California, Irvine Division of Continuing Education, you’ll receive college credits that can be used towards earning a certificate in a specialized field.

Our partnership with UCI, an accredited Top 10 Public University in the United States, assures the quality and academic excellence of your MediaU education. And your MediaU education assures you’ll fast track your career by targeting only the courses you need.


Screen Your Work with Slamdance

Get connected to Slamdance, the most important festival for indie filmmakers in the world. As a MediaU student, you’ll have insider access to the community, the audiences, the collaborators and some of the seriously successful filmmakers, who return year after year to support the festival where it all started. Increase your visibility and your reach with special screenings of selected top-tier MediaU work at Slamdance Selects Film festivals.


Empower Yourself to Change Your World

At a time when diversity, visibility and personal expression are critical to affect positive change, we’re committed to giving as many people as possible, from every corner of every city and the globe, the resources and access to tell their unique, truthful stories to the world.

MediaU CEO Adam Leipzig leads a panel of top-tier indie distributors at Slamdance 2019.

Welcome to Next Wave Distribution

Learn how to get your film seen with MediaU Founder, Adam Leipzig whose films have been nominated or won 10 Academy Awards and more.

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