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Earn Career Certificates in Specific Production Areas including screenwriting, directing, data analytics for streaming platforms, storytelling for business, cinematography, impact documentaries, production management, editing, marketing and distribution, sound direction, and content producing to greatly increase your chance of landing that job or all-important interview.

  • Connect with award-winning industry professionals.
  • Learn by doing! Make, create and collaborate on projects in realtime.
  • Gain access to the heart of Hollywood from anywhere in the world.
  • Master exactly what you need to know to create your content today.

Get College Credits from University of California

Build your body of work and your best resume with credits from University of California, Irvine, which assures the quality and academic excellence of your MediaU experience.

Screen your work with Slamdance Film Festival Events

Get connected to Slamdance, one of the most prestigious film festivals for indie media makers in the world. As a MediaU student, you’ll have insider access to the community, the audiences, the collaborators and some of the seriously successful filmmakers,


Empower Yourself to Change Your World

At a time when diversity, visibility and personal expression are critical to affect positive change, we’re committed to giving as many people as possible, from every corner of every city and the globe, the resources and access to tell their unique, authentic stories to the world.

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