21st Century Skills for Today’s Content Creators

Content Creation, Film and Media Learning: Reinvented

Solving problems and dramatically reducing friction-points for learners, higher-education institutions, and workforce employers, MediaU provides accelerated online education to open doors of access for content creation, filmmaking and media. MediaU’s courses and certificates, delivered through high-profile accredited universities, and facilitated by current working professionals, allow learners to gain industry-level training in weeks instead of years and at affordable prices. MediaU’s programs are designed to meet learner aspirations as well as workforce needs, and forge direct bridges for top learners to creative output, jobs, internships, and trainee programs. Purpose-built for the imperatives of distance-education and diversity/equity/inclusion, MediaU will develop the next generation of media talent.

Where we are

We have achieved major milestones with our Angel Round: a successful, 3-credit beta course; in-force contract with University of California; strategic partnership with Slamdance Film Festival; assembling a superlative executive team and advisory board; initial marketing tests. We are now seeking our Seed Round so we can produce the first suite of courses and certificates and launch the program.


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