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Old-school film school — that’s what we call traditional film school, the “education” that burdens you will up to $200,000 in student debt — does not teach you how to have a creative career. And it takes four years.

MediaU is here to give you the real tools you need to have, right now, so you can start making your project and advance in your creative passion. Our courses are facilitated by working film and media professionals who care about you, your vocation, and your civil right to have the craft and skills to express your vision.

Our first course, How to Budget and Raise Money like a Pro will give you access to our experts so you will learn the templates for how much your project will really cost, and what it will take to get the resources to make it. Learn more here.

What’s different about MediaU online courses?

We’re social. We’re industry-focused. We’re makers.

We’re Social.

Online courses are convenient because they are flexible, allow you to learn on your own time and at your own pace. But learning online can also be isolating as many digital courses are based on passive viewing and individual assignments alone.

At MediaU, you become part of a tribe of filmmakers who might live in the neighborhood next to you or around the world. But you are in it to collaborate and help each other. Filmmaking is a social enterprise. Filmmaking is global. Collaborating is not an option. And MediaU courses are social, supportive and super friendly.

We’re industry-focused.

What filmmakers want most is access to insiders, trailblazers and guides. How do you access invaluable industry feedback, advice and career-planning while you are studying? How do you develop your own projects while you learn the tools to execute them?

At MediaU, our courses are delivered by working professionals who share their secrets and open up their own projects to let you walk through them – that’s the fastest way to learn, in a real, applied environment. Your industry facilitators, pop-up guests and speakers take your questions as often as possible so right from the start you get as close to a case study, real time experience as possible. And you’re learning what’s right – right now! That’s a big bonus in an industry that is changing so fast.

We’re makers.

Yes it’s a bit more challenging online and you’re not sitting in an actual room with others, but you will be able to practice techniques and problem-solve together, make media and receive feedback while you’re developing projects. Leverage the skills and experience of your fellow learners and industry mentors. Working online, you can develop actual plans, audition actors, run production meetings, share script feedback, develop creative ideas and pitch projects.

And we have great partners —

University of California, Irvine, a Top 10 public university with international reknown, will soon be offering our courses. You’ll earn real college credit and, with enough courses, a certificate in a specialized media field. Plus, we’re working on launching a Master’s program in late 2020.

Slamdance Film Festival, the world’s premiere indie film fest by filmmakers for filmmakers, is our collaborator. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of film festivals and connect with even more members of your tribe.

MediaU is founded by Adam Leipzig, who has produced, distributed, supervised, and financed more than 30 films, for studios and independently, both scripted features and documentaries. He’s motivated to changing the game, providing highly-affordable access, experience, and connections for today’s media-makers because more media-makers = more democracy = a better world.

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