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$200K in student debt. Four years of theoretical work. No real career guidance.

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Affordable, laser-focused training by working industry professionals committed to giving you the craft and real-world skills to create a film career in a fraction of the time.

We’re Industry Focused.

You’ll have access to insiders and trailblazers who provide industry feedback, advice and career-planning while you’re learning the craft and developing your projects. You’ll get behind the velvet rope with working professionals who share their secrets and walk you through their own projects so you can learn right now, in real time, which will give you an edge in an industry that’s constantly changing.

We’re Makers.

We don’t just sit around a classroom dreaming. We create, assess, adjust and create some more. Working online, you’ll conceive and execute actual plans, audition actors, run production meetings, share script feedback, develop creative ideas and pitch projects. And you’ll leverage the skills of your fellow learners and industry mentors to practice techniques and problem-solve as you go.

We’re Social.

We are all about connecting people through art, story and working towards common goals. You’ll never be lonely learning online. You’ll be part of a tribe of filmmakers from your neighborhood and around the world, supporting each other from near and far. Our courses are not designed to be passively viewed; they are interactive and collaborative and intended to foster a next-generation global community of entertainment entrepreneurs and creators.

We’re Partnered With the Best.

Our planned partnership with University of California, Irvine, a Top 10 public university will allow you to receive real college credits to be used towards a certificate in a specialized media field. And our upcoming Master’s Program will help you earn the degree you need to for your teaching career for a fraction of the cost, and on your time.

Our collaboration Slamdance Film Festival, the world’s premiere indie film fest, will give you the opportunity to learn more and connect with even more members of your tribe.

Meet Our Award-Winning Founder.

MediaU is founded by Adam Leipzig, who has produced, distributed, supervised, and financed more than 30 films, for studios and independently. He’s dedicated to providing highly-affordable access, experience and connections for today’s media-makers, because more media-makers means more democracy, which means a better world.

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